Greta Davis
Makenzi Jordan Rodriguez

Greta Davis and Makenzi Jordan live in Southern California with their adopted dog, Rosie. They share a love for all things creative. They were inspired to write their first children’s book during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greta is a medical student who is passionate about finding ways to educate patients and other medical students in creative and relatable ways. She has authored a number of educational pamphlets and scientific publications, and most recently developed her first podcast: The Loupe Podcast , in which she co-founded with her colleague, Morgan Martin, MD. Her creative outlets include painting and sculpting. Most of her inspiration comes from her time in nature such as camping, hiking, gardening and surfing. Greta is particularly passionate about improving access to healthcare and connecting the global community of physicians worldwide, which stems from her time working with Mercy Ships in Switzerland.

Makenzi contributes to production design and social media producing for local artists and filmmakers in California. Her hobbies include interior design, antiquing and cooking. Makenzi spent nearly 13 years as a caregiver for children in her community while going to school and working as a freelancer. She developed a strong connection with the children she cared for which inspired her to branch into children’s literature. She is also passionate about animal rights advocacy and supporting those who do not have a voice. Her favorite organizations include Big Love Animal Rescue and The Labelle Foundation (who rescued their dog, Rosie), INMED Partnerships for Children and United Way.

Makenzi & Rosie